About Us

About Us

Syntrix is a biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering and delivering innovative therapies for patients in unmet markets.

The Syntrix Pipeline of Hope

Driven by our commitment to patients, we continue to push the boundaries of medicine and technology to develop new and better therapies where none existed before.  We have a robust pipeline of promising product candidates in inflammation and pain.  In addition to development in our established areas of focus, we are also expanding – through both in-house development and strategic acquisitions and partnerships – to other disease areas where there are unmet needs.

Corporate Responsibility

Syntrix’s dedication to scientific research and new drug development extends beyond the development of products. We’re also committed to responsible corporate citizenship: we are unique in the industry in supporting educational hands-on research internships in our laboratories, and our employees’ volunteer efforts with review of scientific research at the National Institutes of Health.

Corporate Overview

Syntrix has pioneered the development of new therapies for over 10 years. Founded in 2001, Syntrix evolved from a basic research organization to a clinical-stage company tackling some of medicine’s most high-value diseases.  One thing has remained unchanged however, our shared commitment to improving the lives of patients.

We have our roots in the Seattle area: home to venerable research institutions, teaching hospitals, and a thriving biotechnology community. But we also operate in every region of the globe through our collaborations with university researchers, manufacturers and clinical trial teams.

Contact Details

TEL: 253-833-8009 • FAX: 253-833-8127• email: info@syntrixbio.com

Syntrix Biosystems, Inc. 215 Clay Street NW, Suite B-5, Auburn, WA  98001